Today we're announcing the eSports Footlocker, a digital chest that can be purchased for 350 gold coins in the Heroes of Newerth store.

Each time a footlocker is purchased, 25% of the revenue generated will go towards the final
HoN Tour Season 2 prize pool!


  • What is the eSports Footlocker?
  • The eSports Footlocker is a new item in the store that you can purchase with Gold Coins. It contains several eSports related items as well as some exclusive content that will only be available to those who purchase it.
  • What's special about the eSports Footlocker?
  • In addition to giving you the opportunity to purchase exclusive content, the eSports Footlocker coincides directly with HoN's eSports scene as 25% of all revenue generated by the chest will be pumped directly into the HoN Tour Season 2 Grand Finals prize pool which already sits at $150,000 USD.
  • What's in the Footlocker?
  • Footlocker highlights include limited edition avatars obtainable only through this community initiative. These avatars won't be around for long though as chest contents will shuffle around. The first iteration of the eSports Footlocker goes live February 26. Make sure you don't miss out!
  • What happens when I purchase eSports Footlocker?
  • Similar to a chest in Plinko, the eSports Footlocker has several different products in it. When you purchase the eSports Footlocker, you will randomly receive one piece of content from the Footlocker.
  • What happens if I already own an Avatar that’s in the Footlocker?
  • If you already own one of the Avatars in the Footlocker, then when you purchase the Footlocker said Avatar will be taken out of the pool and you will receive one of the Avatars that you do not have.