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The male tournament to celebrate the HoN Tour World Finals 2015 at the GSL 2015 was full of surprises, upsets and unlikely teams emerging as heroes. Acer.Dogg, Hybrid Gaming and Neolution eSports.MRR represented the home region with pride, dignity and success, while the underdog team from Europe in Bad Monkey Gaming went home with the Doombringer and the title. However, not every HoN competition over in the BITEC Convention Center ended in upsets though, as Dominatrix continued their reign over the extremely popular female division in Thailand.

The Championships keep coming for the ladies of NeoEs.DMT

After four consecutive titles in the “Forest of Caldavar”, the team lead by carry player mmhod` showed their superior gameplay in Midwars this time. This brings the story to a full circle for the team, finishing their first big year on the big stage with an unblemished record. The first time this team jumped out for the media was exactly one year ago at the Garena Star League 2014, when the girls took down every challenger in the HoN Girl Midwars Championship. Back then the roster was slightly different, but mmhod`, Lynx and EMoOKuK` were already part of it and build up their legacy. Since then the team is a model of consistency, pretty much like their Neolution counterpart, with only two roster change done over the year. After GSL14 Praewiifreak took over the Offlane, while Por_NaJa joined as support just a few months ago.

As it is most of these times, consistency pays off over the long-run and so it did for Dominatrix. The team now supported by Neolution has been absolutely dominant throughout the entire year. Several teams from invited squads to open qualifier teams have tried and failed. The Floyd Maywheather of HoN Girl teams mostly doesn’t even allow the games to be close, but finishes them in an absolute show of force. Throughout the offline events to end the male competition of the individual HoN Tour cycles, the Ladies got to show their skills before. In most of those matches it was mmhod` obliterating everyone on carry, Praewiizfreak emerging as a major factor from the offlane or EMoOKuK stepping up and snowballing the game from the midlane. Throughout the entire competition, all of the eight games they had to master and win, none of those games really went the distance or was close at any point in time. No matter what the opponents were throwing at them, Dominatrix always looked to be in control and was able to push, fight and gank at will.

Magical Girls came within reach of first, but were stopped short

It was much the same this past weekend in Bangkok, in front of a capacity crowd cheering for the female warriors of Heroes of Newerth. It was “only” Midwars, but once more it was a display full of dominance. With high-profile teams like HOWG Girls and 1ST Sight Girlx in the mix, the complete elite of known HoN teams in Thailand was assembled to play for the title and all the marbles.

From those known and popular teams, ultimately only one made it into the Top 4, while the others collapsed or got taken out by NeoEs.DMT. That fate was exactly what 1ST Sight Girlx suffered, one of the few teams to ever make it into the Grand Finals of the Lady tournaments. Just like they did in said Grand Final, dMT had their way with them, firing on all cylinders and coming out way ahead. Prae on her signature Magmus got to an early Portal Key, creating a lot of havoc and confusing within the team fights - proving too much to handle for 1STX. In under 20 minutes the contest was done and dMT reigned supreme.

Similar events occurred in the Semifinals and Grand Finals as well, with Dominatrix proving once more, that they are the absolute best in the bizz. Against KNMP the game lasted 29 minutes, but was barely even contested throughout. Once more it was dMT jumping to an early lead and snowballing from there with better items, a better approach and superior coordination. cheerypicco provided heal from the backlines with hear Astrolabe Nymphora, while EMoOKuK’s Rally, Por_NaJa on Midas and mmhod` with Master of Arms provided the burst to finish everyone of KNMP in a heartbeat.

This theme continues for the big game, when the girls ran over Magical Girls as the final competitor - crushing their hopes and dreams. So the familiar picture at the HoN Ladies events in Thailand was achieved. Dominatrix hoisting the biggest check, cashing in most of the money and furthering their legacy as one of the best and most dominant female teams in the entire history of HoN, while other teams were left with only the smaller checks and the knowledge of having been outplayed by a dominant juggernaut. After Magical Girls it was Twinkle Twinkle (formerly known as Dtoo) this time, to take home the third place.

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The next outing for the HoN girls will start on May, 10th with the second cycle of the Thai HoN Tour Female edition starting. Reigning Dominatrix will go out and give it their best, while facing a new batch of contenders. Can the run continue or will finally someone step up to the challenge and give them a run for their money?

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Fantasy is a journalist with four years of experience working in various eSports. He is currently the HoN Tour correspondent for the CIS and SEA regions, as well as an editor for both ESL Gaming and compLexity Gaming. In addition to his online endeavors, he studies Publicity and Communication, plays American football, and loves movies.