HoN Tour Cycle 1 prize pool caps off at $30,433

With one day left until HoN Tour’s first Division matches start, we’re pleased to announce that the final prize pool for Cycle 1 has increased from its base of $8,750 to $30,433! Your contributions from eSports Plinko and URSA Gauntlet sales have tripled first cycle winnings!

We would like to take a moment to thank you, our awesome community, for all your love and support towards HoN’s competitive scene!

Want to keep an eye on community funding?

Beginning Friday, August 15, HoN Tour’s Funding page will showcase the daily progress of Cycle 2’s prize pool (baseline amount + community contributions) until three days before it starts. This process will remain the same for all Cycles moving forward.

Don’t miss your chance and grab the newest KODIA Devo in Plinko, besides all the other goodies in Plinko and Shop !

For more information and updates read Season 3 - Community Funding.