The largest competitive HoN event of all-time is back for Season 3! The last two years of HoN Tour have been brought the competition to all corners of the globe, and this Season aims to be the best yet. Veterans should recognize the familiar HoN Tour format, but there have also been some small and not so small changes to the event you love. Take a look at what’s new in HoN Tour Season 3.

eSports Plinko is here!

eSports Plinko

Top of the list is eSports Plinko! The new eSports board will be here all season long and not only features exclusive and awesome content, but allows the community to contribute to the HoN Tour prize pool. A percentage of all eSports Plinko sales will be used to increase each Cycle’s prize pool, as well as the prize pool for the HoN Tour World Finals. Find out more about the distribution of prizes from eSports Plinko in the Cash and Coin Prizes section.

URSA Corps

eSports Plinko is not only awesome because it allows the community to help support the competitive scene, but it is also home to the newest crew in Newerth - the URSA Corps. Eight of the 10 URSA Corps avatars will be available exclusively through eSports Plinko, with a new member to be released each HoN Tour Cycle. The URSA Corps are truly stronger as a team as players are rewarded for collecting multiple avatars from the set. Rewards include a name color, courier, taunt, and announcer. Additionally, collecting URSA Corps avatars will unlock a permanent Silver Coin bonus for your account, allowing players to increase their Silver Coin rewards up to double standard amounts.

Division Size and Schedule

Another important tweak to HoN Tour Season 3 is the size of the Diamond, Gold, and Silver Divisions. The Diamond Division will retain a familiar double elimination format, but now features a smaller and more competitive eight team format. With a smaller number of teams in the prestigious Diamond Division, the competition will be fiercer than ever. Additionally, the new Diamond format allows games to be spread out more over the weekend, and will enable viewers to catch more of the exciting matches with less overlap.

The Gold Division has taken a step up and will inherit the tried-and-true Diamond format from the first seasons of HoN Tour. With the 16 team, double elimination format, players in the Gold Division will no longer need to play weekday matches, allowing more players than ever to experience the competitive side of HoN. Last, but not least, the Silver Division will move to a more concise 32 team, single elimination format. For full schedule information including Cycle dates, breaks, and a weekly breakdown, visit the Schedule section on

Cash and Coin Prizes

HoN Tour has always been about promoting high levels of competition within the community, and one way to do that is with awesome prizes! In addition to the base $70,000+ regular season prize pool, Season 3 will allow for the community to increase the prize pool based on participation in eSports Plinko. Sales from eSports Plinko will not only be used to increase the payouts for the top Diamond Division teams, but also to provide prizes to the entirety of the Diamond Division and to the top three spots in the Gold Division.

Additionally, nearly 2,000,000 Gold Coins will be given out throughout the HoN Tour regular season, and for the first time, Silver Coins will make an appearance. Players are rewarded Silver Coins for every match they play in Heroes of Newerth, and HoN Tour is no longer an exception. With a reward of 50 Silver Coins for every game victory and 25 for each loss, the Silver will soon be flowing from the pockets of HoN Tour competitors. Time to grab your URSA Corps Silver Coin bonus and start to rake it in! For full prize information see the Prizing section on

Visit the Prizing section on

Playoffs and World Finals

While teams on this side of the world are battling it out, teams from around the globe are fighting for supremacy in each of their regions. In March, after months of fierce regional competition, the top teams from HoN Tour Season 3 will meet up on LAN for the HoN Tour World Finals. There, the best HoN players in the world will battle before thousands of fans, each hoping to be crowned a HoN Tour World Champion. More details on the HoN Tour Season 3 Playoffs and World Finals to be released soon.

With so much action on the way, why wait to get started? Registration is now open for the HoN Tour Season 3 Qualifiers, and the first matches to begin on July 26th. Get ready for HoN Tour Season 3!

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