Summer is on the horizon, but for the NA/EU teams that means competing for one of the coveted Dreamhack Summer spots. Only two teams will get their spots to compete for the most iconic title HoN has to offer.

Tournament Details

Dates: May 11th - May 19th

Size: a maximum of 128 teams may sign up for the tournament

Format: Single Elimination until RO 32, Double Elimination from RO 16 (Grand Finals are not played)

Rounds: SE and DE rounds are BO3

Prize: $4,000 travel stipend, hotels, and a spot at the Dreamhack Summer 2013 200,000 SEK tournament


Saturday, May 11th, SE RO128 (12:00 EDT, 18:00 CEST) and SE RO64 (15:30 EDT, 21:30 CEST)

Sunday, May 12th, SE RO32 (12:00 EDT, 18:00 CEST) and DE: WB RO16 (15:30: EDT, 21:30 CEST)

Tuesday, May 14th, WB RO8 / LB RO8 (15:30 EDT, 21:30 CEST)

Wednesday, May 15th, DE: LB RO8 (15:30 EDT, 21:30 CEST

Thursday, May 16th, WB RO4 / LB RO4 (15:30 EDT, 21:30 CEST)

Saturday, May 18th, DE: LB RO4 (12:00 EDT, 18:00 CEST) and WB Finals (15:30 EDT, 21:30 CEST)

Sunday, May 19th, DE: LB RO2 (12:00 EDT, 18:00 CEST) and LB Finals (15:30 EDT, 21:30 CEST)

Brackets and Seeding

Single Elimination: once sign-ups are over, top 16 teams are manually seeded. (link)

Double Elimination: the 16 teams are seeded manually. (link)


You can sign up for the Qualifiers via the event page here. Sign ups are open until May 10th, 17:00 EDT | 23:00 CEST.