[Boyy]The Big Boys swept [Dmsn]AnotherDimension 2-0, eliminating them from Cycle 1.

The Big Boys will face [zhiT]Shit Happens in the Loser’s Bracket Round of 4.

Shit Happens was knocked to the Loser’s Bracket by [Due1]Do You Even Lift.


[C1K]Call It Karma and [SOZO]Team Please are ready to face off in the Loser’s Bracket Round of 4 today at 16:00 ET | 22:00 CET. The winner of this match is one win away from ascending into the Diamond Division; will the Gold teams be ready and prepared to go against the elite, or will they be pushed back to Gold after one cycle?

Call It Karma is a team that has experience playing the teams in Diamond, whereas Team Please is still very much a new squad, albeit a successful one thus far in HoN Tour. I interviewed Team Please yesterday to get to know a bit more about the them and learn about their experiences in HoN Tour to date. You can check that out here.

Team Please has momentum going into this match. After their first loss they have turned it around, not dropping a map since their second round win versus Goobys. Call It Karma may be feeling the pressure, as they just lost to [FYKU]Fack You Kurdi yesterday in a devastating 2-0 sweep which was shown live on HoNCast.

Will it be Call it Karma using their experience to come out stronger than Team Please, or will SOZO continue their unexpected success along the Gold road to Diamond?

Good luck to everyone today!

- Crowslaw