(All of today's games are scheduled for 16:00 ET, 22:00 CET.)

By Crowslaw

[zhiT]Shit Happens vs. [Due1]Do You Even Lift

After knocking [FRA]Frenchies to the lower bracket where they eventually lost to [hade]HAVE IT, the MerryMenOfArabia (a.k.a [Due1]Do You Even Lift) is now set to face the top team in Gold who so far has only had to prove themselves versus [frm]ThiUnknown, today we will see who ends up on top as this match will be exciting to watch.

[C1K]Call It Karma vs. [FYKU]Fack You Kurdi
**This match will be on HoNCast!**

Both these teams have history in the competitive scene. Despite not placing for DreamHack Winter 2012, Call it Karma and Fack You Kurdi still got the chance to play with most of the teams in the Diamond Division. Among the teams in the Gold Division, these two are the most experienced. Although this is the Winner’s Bracket, I expect both teams to place top four, but which team will have to play through the Loser’s Bracket after today's match?

[SOZO]Team Please vs. [hade]HAVE IT

Team Please had revenge on [frm]ThiUnknown yesterday, a team who knocked them into the Loser’s Bracket in the first round. Today they face the team HAVE IT, who squeaked through yesterday and defeated [FRA]Frenchies, ending their Diamond league dreams.

[boyy]The Big Boys vs. [Dmsn]AnotherDimension

After defeating [AR]Aids Reinfected yesterday, The Big Boys are going to flex their muscles and hopefully live up to their name as they face off versus Another Dimension, who knocked out mzry and [YOHO]You Only Hook Once yesterday.

Today we will see two more teams eliminated for this cycle as we close in on the Loser’s Bracket Finals on Wednesday and the Winner’s Bracket Finals on Thursday. It is hard to predict who will survive out of these remaining teams—with such high talent in these up-and-coming teams I hope they will treat us to some great games.

Good luck to all!

- Crowslaw