With the massive amounts of teams participating in the Bronze and Silver Leagues it is unimaginable to cover them all, but going through the brackets it is obvious who the ladder leaders are going into the semi-finals next weekend.

Bronze League US vs EU

When looking at both these leagues and which 8 teams from each will advance to Silver, it seems that overall the EU are the ones who are willing to show up and play more often. Riddled throughout the US brackets are constant forfeits, which lets teams push through uncontested to the Quarterfinals.

In the end I have no doubt that the strongest teams in this league will get through as they should, but I'd like to see them getting a bit more experience and showing more dedication before they enter Silver. It is still too early to tell who will be advancing out of Bronze League but by the end of the matches Saturday, December 8th, we should have a clearer picture.

Silver League

This is the breakout league, and I feel many teams may face upsets here. We recently saw some surprising teams fall short of that 8th place finish to stay in Silver for the next cycle, namely [PPWN]Pwning Pwnies, [DASH]Rainbow Racers, and perhaps the most shocking loss: [iPel]Isot Pelit. iPel was knocked out by [TGCH]The Gentlemens Club, who were then ejected from Silver by [SdS]SdS.

The teams advancing out of Silver are already starting to be tallied, with Jonne CarrY, The Gentlemens Club, Way Of Life and lett och vinna taking 8th to 5th place.

In the Silver Semi Finals we will see [DrDz]Druidz eSports face off against [nDMC]Endemic and SdS take on [3E]Non3Ense.

We will have to wait until next weekend to see how the matches turn out since this week featuresl Gold Division matches every day. Diamond’s matches will also finish up next weekend as the Diamond and Bronze (US) (EU) championships for Cycle 1 will be on Sunday, while Silver and Gold will be on Saturday.

Stay tuned for more daily coverage!

- Crowslaw