Day 2 of HoN Tour's Gold Event may not have been as eventful as Diamond, what with the several remakes and pauses lasting 30+ minutes, but there were several good up-and-coming teams facing off.

Winners Bracket

[ZhiT]Shit Happens manages to knock down the powerhouse team [frm]Thi Unknown in a 3 game series, [Due1]MerryMenOfArabia also takes 2 games to 1 over [FRA]Frenchies so both of them will be set to face each other in the Winner Bracket Semi-Finals. [C1K]Call It Karma goes 2 games to nil over [Boyy]The Big Boys, and [FYKU]Fack You Kurdi takes the series over [Dmsn]Another Dimension so they will face each other in the other semi-final match.

Losers Bracket

[SOZO]Team Please makes a comeback after losing first round to [frm]ThiUnknown, after defeating a [ATOC]Touch of Class, [tenQ]Ty4theprizemoney, and [007]Goobys they are looking for revenge on gwefix and his team.

[hade]HAVE IT had their way with L00K AT MY HORSE, knocking them out 2-1 and then going 2-0 over [qMX]Qlimax Crew, tomorrow they are set to face [FRA]Frenchies to be able to continue on in the Gold event. [AR]Aids Reinfected got a bye in the 2nd round and ended up facing [Ttry]Team Tryharder who went 2-0 over [EWZ]EagleWankerz, and beat them in a similar 2-0 fashion. [YOHO] You Only Hook Once beat [1Day]Clan One Day 2-0 and then knocked [SePP]Seeking Perfection out with a score of 2-1. The will face [Dmsn]Another Dimension while [AR]Aids Reinfected face off versus [Boyy]The Big Boys.

On Monday December 3rd, the Loser's Bracket Ro8 will take place as the only HoN Tour matches being played aside from any reschedules from other matches at 16:00 EST | 22:00 CET.

More updates coming tomorrow!

- Crowslaw