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Tournament to qualify for Dreamhack Summer 2013 $30,000 tournament. Top two in this tournament receive at $4,000 travel stipend, hotels, and a spot at Dreamhack Summer 2013.

Event Structure

-Runtime: May 10th, 2013 to May 19th, 2013.

-Entry Limit: 128.

-5 v 5 (Teamplay, 5 players per team).

-Map: Forests of Caldavar

- Single Elimnation until RO16, then Double Elimination.

-Best of 3 Rounds

-Game Mode: Lock Pick

Last Updated 11 / 30 / 2012

Latest 100 Entered Teams

Team Name Tag Points

Sync eSports[SynC]21675 pts

BadMonkeyGaming[BMG]16325 pts

Reason Gaming[Rea]11850 pts

You Love To Party[YLTP]1325 pts

Boenthoeoe Mazeltov[BoBo]0 pts

Ulti Off CD[hitR]0 pts

Bloodbath N Beyond[Bx3]0 pts

Team Irony[iOnY]0 pts

12cm[tINY]0 pts

Deadly Boss Mode[DBM]0 pts

L00K AT MY HORSE[L00K]0 pts

Hired By S2[HIRE]0 pts

SvenskaNamn[SvNa]0 pts

TradeMark eSport[tdM]0 pts

Bk Blueberries[BKBL]0 pts

Frown[Frwn]0 pts

Planes Apart[PLAP]0 pts

stayGreen[sG]0 pts

eGern[eGrn]0 pts

we got oil money[MNY]0 pts

The Sons[TssS]0 pts

Roling Stones[ROLS]0 pts

Lacka te snuten[LTSn]0 pts

We So Fresh[M1nt]0 pts

Australian Whirlpool[AUW]0 pts

Ronja ar ledare[RAVL]0 pts

We4Q[I4Q]0 pts

ReadyUpFatKunt[RuFK]0 pts

Echoes in Eternity[EiE]0 pts


Sanity[SNTY]0 pts

We Play Naked[WPN]0 pts

The Gaming Gubbz[TGGZ]0 pts

Own All Da Scrubz[OADS]0 pts

Sit Back And Relax[SBaR]0 pts

Baby Pudding[Babs]0 pts

Team Zorfix[ZFX]0 pts

Aalborg eSports[AaeS]0 pts

KS Fuker[KSF]0 pts

Team Owl[Owl]0 pts

Zigenarnas Nattklubb[ZNK]0 pts

Vaffanculo[vacu]0 pts

Pubo Clan[PUBO]0 pts

CheckSix Gaming[x6]0 pts

Lords of God[LOFG]0 pts

Cat Died I Cried[CDiC]0 pts

All Freds[Fred]0 pts

Stronk Troll o Matic[STIC]0 pts

Slash Defenders[WSD]0 pts

Le fu[LEFU]0 pts

A HonTour Team[BYE]0 pts

Isot Pelit[iPel]0 pts

Tight Pants On[TPO]0 pts

ex-BMG[exBG]0 pts

Internet Gangsters[iGee]0 pts

Strifebestmoba[sbMo]0 pts

Clan Milk[CM]0 pts

Blazin[BLZN]0 pts

Underrated Much[uM]0 pts

SwedenR0ckstars[SwR]0 pts

Paragon eSports[PGON]0 pts

Re wix Gaming[rWx]0 pts

011[011]0 pts

Clan One Day[1Day]0 pts

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